Conducting a Sex Offender Search: How Well Do You Know Your Neighborhood?

A sex offender search can prove to be a very valuable tool when moving to a new neighborhood, changing schools or places of work, or even inviting someone new into your family or home. According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics on Child Sexual Abuse, 60% of convicted sex offenders are currently on parole or probation, and children and teenagers make up the largest percentage of victims reported. The recidivism rates for sex offenders are also higher than other criminals, so using a sex offender search can alert you to currently wanted or formerly convicted offenders to ensure your family stays safe.Using a Sex Offender FinderA sex offender finder can utilize what little information you may have at your fingertips to instantly determine if there are any offenders living or working in your area. These search engines glean records from national and state sex offender registries to provide you with names and photos, offense details, physical descriptions and even current home or work addresses. All you need in order to utilize a sex offender finder is the 5-digit zip code you want to search.How to Find Sex Offenders in Your AreaIf you want to find sex offenders in your area, you may use a sex offender finder and simply access offender information within your zip code. You can also search the national or a state sex offender registry, but this may not provide concise results immediately pertinent to your neighborhood. Once you find sex offenders during your research, you’ll see photos of the offenders when available; physical descriptions including height, weight, race, eye and hair color; full names; case numbers; court names, state and arrest date; offense and offense date; sentencing and probation dates.Many times, your sex offender search may not provide results for any of your neighbors or other familiar faces. However, there may be a sex offender working with you or near your child’s school, in which case you want to stay informed about their whereabouts. Maintaining Sex Offender Registration RequirementsSometimes, a sex offender finder will report that the current offense is failure to comply with reporting requirements. This means that the offender moved his place of residence or work without reporting the change to local and national authorities. Most sex offenders, depending upon the class of offense they were convicted of, are required to report their whereabouts and work details for several years. The levels of sex offenses are classified as 1,2,3 or 4. Level 1 offenders, such as those convicted of public indecency, may not be required to report their whereabouts. However, every offender classified as 2 or higher is required to maintain registration information – these include sexual assault and rape cases. Sometimes, a state will increase the level of offense if it is a repeat offender being sentenced.Many states also share concurrent registration requirements, so even if you’re trying to find sex offenders who have crossed a state line the registry is updated in both states. Regardless, using a sex offender finder can save you time and effort by searching the national and state registries instantly, helping you determine if there is an immediate threat to your family.