How to make Facebook Emoticons List

But it’s at times somewhat difficult to find or create unique smiley faces, personalized themes or even animated emoticons on your own. There are a few of very easy ways, though, to create special Facebook chat emoticons or colorful and original themes to pimp out your Facebook page and to make interacting with your sweethearts more fun and exciting. We are letting you in on the mystery as to how you can find Facebook , smileys and layouts.1. Use the Facebook chat feature. The Facebook online chat is a nice and easy way to add more emotions to your Facebook chat. This is available as an add-on to any Firefox browser. This handy little add-on adds rows of available emoticons on top of your open chat window, so all you have to do is click to input different faces, winking faces, laughter or other different chat emoticons in your chat.2. Experiment with different emoticon codes. Facebook chat supports most of the common chat emoticons that you use in your other chat programs like Linkedin or AOL Instant Messenger. There are a lot of networking sites that display the emoticon codes that can work in Facebook chat, like:3 for a cat smile or 8-| for cool shades. Just search for "Facebook emoticons" and a number of images will pop up that display the symbols for chat emoticons that will work on Facebook.3. Use Facebook chat emoticons list (} and PageRage to get Facebook profile layouts. Bored with the plain white and blue layout of your Facebook page? Go to the site at the bottom of this page to learn how to add more style and pizaz to your facebook profile all you need to do is install Yontoo, then a simple PageRage plug-in and you’re on your way. PageRage allows you to put different designs or graphics over your Facebook profile page. You don’t even need to have knowledge or skills on PHP or Javascript. Choose from tons of colorful designs-from sports and ocean themes to cars and cartoons.4. Take a look at Facebook Expressions. Add more uniqueness and ummffff to your Facebook page by downloading the Facebook Expressions add-on. Once installed, head over to the Facebook Expressions to add a lot of layouts (or "expressions") to you Facebook page. You can choose among different colorful and creative profile layouts. You can even design your own layout and submit it to the staff of Facebook Expressions for approval.5. Try out Big Photo. If you love photos or have a hundreds of pictures to share with your family, you can use this Facebook tool to add an unlimited number of small-sized pictures on your facebook profile page. Simply allow this application to access your Facebook account and you’re on your way to displaying a large number of huge photos to pimp your profile layouts or to create colorful wallpapers on your page.Even though some people like the ease of use of Facebook and its profile layouts, many of you still want to be able to add more color and uniqueness to your Facebook pages. With the different emoticons and techniques listed above, you will be able to unleash your wild, creative side and go wild with different chat emoticons, smiley faces, designs and photos.For more tools and information go here: Facebook Emoticons